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Never-seen-before documentaries on the cinema. The beginnings of the cinema with Charles Pathé and Léon Gaumont, the mysterious Tod Browning, women in Hollywood, the origins of the film Midnight Express… Plus a documentary on English filmmaker Ken Loach, Lumière Award 2012.

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Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey by Sally Sussman (2015, 1h39)
In 1975, Billy Hayes was arrested in Turkey for trying to smuggle marijuana and sent to a Turkish prison. The true story of his escape became the movie, Midnight Express, which, while widely acclaimed in the United States, caused great emotional and political damage in Turkey due to the film's portrayal. Decades later, Hayes returns to Istanbul and finds the wounds are still not dry…
Villa Lumière Sat 15 at 5pm

Charles Pathé et Léon Gaumont - premiers géants du cinéma by Emmanuelle Nobécourt and Gaëlle Royer (2016, 1h26)
After Louis and Auguste Lumière, Charles Pathé and Léon Gaumont are the pioneers who brought the magic of cinema to the greatest number of people. This exciting film recounts their crazy adventure, with the help of archives and numerous film clips.
Villa Lumiere Tue 11 at 11am

Dragon Girls, les amazones pop asiatiques by Yves Montmayeur (2016, 53min)
In 2000, with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee gave rise to a new Asian feminine ideal: a seductive and rebellious fighter, taking on men as equal adversaries... Dragon Girls offers an overview of these new mind-blowing muses.
Villa Lumière Sun 9 at 7:15pm 

The Women Who Run Hollywood by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (Et la femme créa Hollywood,  2016, 52min)
They were named Alice Guy, Lois Weber or Dorothy Arzner…all pioneers of Hollywood cinema, yet they were unjustly forgotten. Clara and Julia Kuperberg, pay tribute and inspire us to rediscover them.
Villa Lumière Wed 12 at 2:30pm

Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown by Gregory Monro (Jerry Lewis, clown rebelle, 2016, 1h)
Heir to Chaplin, Keaton or Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis forms part of the golden age of American comedy. The renowned author and filmmaker, now 90 years old, looks back on his exceptional career.
Villa Lumière Mon 10 at 7:30pm 

Sciuscià 70 by Mimmo Verdesca (2016, 59min)
Mimmo Verdesca continues his work of passing down the memory of Italian cinema, and revisits Sciuscià 70 years after its release. Sciuscià was the first neorealist film by Vittorio De Sica, and winner of what would later become the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.
Villa Lumière Sun 9 at 2pm 

Tod Browning : le jeu des illusions by Alain Mazars (2016, 1h)
A portrait of the "Edgar Allan Poe of film," director of the mythical Freaks and the first Dracula talkie with Bela Lugosi, exploring through his films, believed to be lost, and recently found.
Villa Lumière Thu 13 at 5pm 

Versus: the Life and Films of Ken Loach by Louise Osmond (2016, 1h33)
A look back on 50 years of cinema and political engagement, through interviews and film clips... A funny and fascinating portrait of this great British filmmaker, double winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes and recipient of the Lumière Award in 2012.
Villa Lumière Wed 12 at 7:30pm

Documentaries related to the program

Jim Harrison, entre chien et loup by Georges Luneau and Brice Matthieussent (1993, 1h24)
In Michigan, an encounter with "Big Jim," aka Jim Harrison, a true monument of American literature. Both expressive and secretive, the author relates his love of nature, between fishing trips and walks in the woods.
Institut Lumière Tue 11 at 7pm

The Practice of the Wild by John J. Healey (2010, 53min)
A conversation between Gary Snyder, a major figure of the Beat Generation, and Jim Harrison. The two men discuss topics of great relevance, during a philosophical hike in the natural landscape of California.
Villa Lumière Mon 10 at 11:30am

Walter Hill, le cow-boy by Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, Christophe d’Yvoire and Nicolas Marki (2015, 56min)
Walter Hill, the iconic filmmaker of the1980s, a director, a producer and screenwriter (the Alien saga), gained popularity with the success of 48 Hrs. He sits down to tell us his stories.
Villa Lumière Fri 14 at 4:45pm


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