Catherine Deneuve
Lumière award 2016


An iconic incarnation of the accomplished actress and movie star, this extraordinary actress shook up the art of the actor, inspired filmmakers for five decades, through a stunning, daring filmography, exploring all genres and forms. Films "carte blanche" (personal picks), a master class and presentation of the Lumière Award.

There are no available tickets for the Catherine Deneuve Master Class and the presentation of the Lumière Award, but you can still see the actress for the world premiere of the restored copy of Indochine at the Halle Tony Garnier on Sunday, October 16 at 3pm. Ticket on sale here

Master class
Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon
Friday 14 at 3pm

Lumière award ceremony
Amphitheater - Conference Center
Friday 14 at 7:30pm

Closing ceremony
Halle Tony Garnier
Sunday 16 at 3pm
Ticket on sale here


Repulsion by Roman Polanski (1965, 1h45, prohibited for -16)
After an incident at work, Carole locks herself in at home, soon plagued by terrifying hallucinations... After the huge success of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Jacques Demy, the young actress films under the direction of Polanski in this masterful drama.
Comoedia Mon 10 at 10pm l Villeurbanne Tue 11 at 8:30pm l Pathé Bellecour Thu 13 at 11am

Heartbeat by Alain Cavalier (La Chamade, 1968, 1h43)
Lucile is the beautiful young mistress of a wealthy industrialist who offers her the luxury of idleness. She meets the unsettling Antoine... Portrait of a modern and free woman, based on the work by Françoise Sagan, and starring Michel Piccoli.
Cinéma Opéra Tue 11 at 2:30pm l Pathé Bellecour Fri 14 at 4:15pm l Villa Lumière Sat 15 at 11am

Mississippi Mermaid by François Truffaut (La sirène du Mississippi, 1969, 2h03)
Louis, living on Reunion Island, asks Julie (with whom he has a romantic correspondence ) to join him… Deneuve and Belmondo play against type (an intriguer, a submissive man) in a dark drama, murky and beautiful - with some scenes shot in Lyon.
Craponne Sun 9 at 7:30pm l Comoedia Tue 11 at 2:30pm l Pathé Bellecour Thu 13 at 10:45am | Pathé Vaise Sun 16 at 3pm

Donkey Skin by Jacques Demy (Peau d'âne, 1970, 1h29)
Once upon a time, there was a princess of such extraordinary beauty that her father wanted to marry her... A musical comedy, a brilliant, mesmerizing and poetic tale, also starring Jean Marais and Jacques Perrin. For the whole family.
La Fourmi Sun 9 at 3:15pm  l Pathé Bellecour Tue 11 at 11am l Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon Sat 15 at 5pm l UGC Astoria Sun 16 at 2:30pm

Tristana by Luis Buñuel (1970, 1h40)
An orphan, Tristana, lives with her guardian, Don Lope, who seduces her. She meets Horacio, an Italian painter... Major role for Catherine Deneuve, who passes from innocence to perversity and bitterness, working with Buñuel once again after Belle de jour.
CNP Bellecour Sun 9 at 2:30pm l Bron Tue 11 at 8:30pm l UGC Astoria Wed 12 at 8:30pm |Institut Lumière Thu 13 at 7:15pm

Hustle by Robert Aldrich (Hustle, 1975, 1h58)
The body of a young woman is found on a beach in Malibu. A police investigation deepens... A thriller of strippers and call-girls: one of Aldrich's last films noirs and a rare foray into Hollywood movies for Deneuve.
CNP Bellecour Wed 12 at 10pm | Cinéma Opéra Fri 14 at 5pm

Le Sauvage by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (1975, 1h43)
Secluded on a desert island, Martin, passing through to Caracas, is forced to help a real tornado of a woman… Comedy of love and adventure,  surprising in its charm and humor  Starring Yves Montand with dialogues by Jean-Loup Dabadie.
Pathé Bellecour Sat 15 at 6 pm

Hotel America by André Téchiné (Hôtel des Amériques, 1981, 1h33)
One night in Biarritz, Hélène, a doctor and a secretive woman, hits young misfit Gilles with her car. The accident brings them together... Catherine Deneuve, Patrick Dewaere and Etienne Chicot star in this film of love, a landmark work by Téchiné.
Comoedia Wed 12 at 2:30pm l Villa Lumière Fri 14 at 2:30pm l Cinéma St-Denis Sat 15 at 2:30pm

The Hunger
 by Tony Scott (1983, 1h36)
4,000 years old and immortal, Miriam feeds on blood, like that of her lover, John. The latter is struck by an accelerated aging... Vampires reinvented by Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie in this pop film featuring homoerotic themes, emblematic of the 1980s.
Institut Lumière Sat 8 at 5:15pm l CNP Terreaux Mon 10 at 7:15pm l Cinéma Opéra Sat 15 at 5:45pm

Strange Place for an Encounter
 by François Dupeyron (Drôle d’endroit pour une rencontre, 1988, 1h40)
One winter evening, thrown from her car by her husband, France finds herself at a highway rest stop, where she meets Charles... A sweet and poetic madness fill this first film, which brings together two Lumière Award recipients, Deneuve and Depardieu.
Pathé Bellecour Sun 9 at 7:30pm l CNP Terreaux Tue 11 at 2:30pm l Villa Lumière Thu 13 at 2:30pm

 by André Téchiné (Les Voleurs, 1996, 1h57)
Crossed and tumultuous destinies between a cop (Daniel Auteuil), a lost soul (Laurence Côte), and a philosophy teacher(Catherine Deneuve)... Delinquency, family and passion feature in this intense film noir, shot in Lyon.
Cinéma Opéra Mon 10 at 5:30pm l CNP Terreaux Wed 12 at 2:30pm l Caluire, Méliès Thu 13 at 8:30pm l Comoedia Sat 15 at 11am

Place Vendôme
by Nicole Garcia (1998, 1h57)
A famous jeweler on the Place Vendôme is found dead, having committed suicide. His wife, an alcoholic, discovers seven suspicious diamonds in the safe... An investigation and an emotionally destabilizing portrait of a fallen woman. A delicate, dark and intimate film.
Pathé Bellecour Thu 13 at 6:45pm - Fri 14 at 10:45am

Night Wind
 by Philippe Garrel (Le Vent de la nuit, 1999, 1h35)
The young lover of an older woman leaves for Italy. There he meets a certain Serge, a secretive man... Fear of aging, fear of living: a vibrant road movie with Xavier Beauvois and Daniel Duval.
Pathé Bellecour Thu 13 at 9:15pm | CNP Bellecour Sat 15 at 2:30pm


Catherine Deneuve present

The Women by George Cukor (1939, 2h13)
Rumor has it that the husband of Mary (Norma Shearer) cheated on her with a social-climbing perfume salesgirl (Joan Crawford)... A classic satirical comedy with a stellar cast, 100% female.
Cinéma Opéra Mon 10 at 8:15pm l Pathé Bellecour Wed 12 at 10:30am l Villa Lumière Sat 15 at 2:15pm

The River by Jean Renoir (1951, 1h39)
In Calcutta, three young female friends fall in love with a foreign captain... Renoir's first color film, a sublime poem, sweet and romantic, about life and death, enriched with Hindu tales.
Pathé Bellecour Mon 10 at 2:15pm | CNP Terreaux Fri 14 at 2:45pm

The Tales of Hoffmann by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (1951, 2h13)
The three unhappy love stories of Hoffmann... The Offenbach opera adapted in an extraordinary visual phantasmagoria by the duo of filmmakers, geniuses of British cinema.
Pathé Bellecour Tue 11 at 2pm |CNP Bellecour Sat 15 at 5pm

Wild River by Elia Kazan (1960, 1h50)
USA, the1930s. Chuck Glover (Montgomery Clift), a young engineer, must convince the inhabitants of an area threatened by the construction of a dam to vacate the premises. A woman refuses... A lyrical, profoundly humanist film.
Pathé Bellecour Sun 9 at 5pm | CNP Terreaux Sat 15 at 2pm

Casino by Martin Scorsese (1995, 2h58)
1973. Sam (Robert De Niro) runs a casino, assisted by his childhood friend Nicky (Joe Pesci). He falls madly in love with Ginger (Sharon Stone). Violence, the mafia, money… A vertiginous dive into Las Vegas, pure Martin Scorsese, recipient of the Lumière Award in 2015.
Pathé Bellecour Fri 14 at 8:45pm | CNP Terreaux Sat 15 at 9:15pm

Profils paysans : l’approche (2001, 1h30)
Profils paysans : le quotidien (2005, 1h21)
Modern Life (2008, 1h28) by Raymond Depardon
From La Lozère to the Haute-Loire and through the Ardèche, an intimate portrait of the peasant world...  The attentive and humanistic eye of the great documentalist Raymond Depardon gives us an extraordinary trilogy, a major piece in his body of work.
CNP Terreaux Profils paysans : l’approche Mon 10 at 2:45pm - Profils paysans : le quotidien Wed 12 at 5:15pm - Modern Life Thu 13 at 2:15pm


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