Bertrand Tavernier presents


The filmmaker and President of the Institut Lumière presents the premiere of his (already) essential documentar, Journey Through French Cinema, to be released in theaters on October 12th by Pathé.

Journey Through French Cinema by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyage à travers le cinéma français, 2016, 3h12)
A declaration of love to the French cinema from 1930 to 1970 by Bertrand Tavernier, through film clips and anecdotes: an absolutely essential, exciting work, with infectious enthusiasm, one of the major events of the Fall.
Institut Lumière Sun 9 at 5:30pm l Comoedia Sun 9 at 6:30pm l CNP Terreaux Sun 9 at 7:30pm |  Ecully Mon 10 at 3:30pm l Pathé Bellecour Sat 15 at 8:30pm


Revisiting Eddie Constantine

Eddie Constantine, the actor and singer of American origin, was successful in France with the character of the secret agent Lemmy Caution, and his roles in films d'auteur, with Michel Deville, John Berry, or Jean-Luc Godard.

Headlines of Destruction by John Berry (Je suis un sentimental, 1955, 1h37)
A journalist is investigating the murder of the mistress of his boss. The husband has been arrested and is sentenced to death... An unusual film noir tinged with burlesque elements, with American actor Eddie Constantine - known at the time for his portrayal of secret agent Lemmy Caution.
CNP Terreaux Mon 10 at 5pm | Institut Lumière Fri 14 at 11:45am

Lucky Jo by Michel Deville (1964, 1h31)
Jo, a mobster, has bad luck: all his acolytes did their time in prison and now it's his turn. Upon his release, in spite of himself, he gets caught up in a robbery... Deville sets Constantine against type, casting him as this unlucky gangster. Also starring Pierre and Claude Brasseur, Françoise Arnoul.
Villa Lumière Mon 10 at 9:15pm l Comoedia Wed 12 at 4:45pm l Pathé Bellecour Sat 15 at 7pm

Alphaville by Jean-Luc Godard (1965, 1h40)
Secret agent Lemmy Caution leaves for the futuristic city of Alphaville, to bring back Henry Dickson... The film, directed by Godard and starring Anna Karina, served as a condemnation of modern society and its dehumanization. Alphaville marked a turning point in Constantine's career.
Comoedia Fri 14 at 4:15pm | La Fourmi Sat 15 at 5:30pm

Germany Year 90 Nine Zero by Jean-Luc Godard (Allemagne 90 neuf zéro, 1991, 1h02)
1990. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, US spy Lemmy Caution is lost, aged, unemployed and without his bearings... The solitude of Germany. somewhere between an experimental film and a faux documentary.
Pathé Bellecour Sun 9 at 10pm | CNP Bellecour Tue 11 at 5:30pm

Edward L. Cahn

Presentation of three beautiful and dark movies - a western, two ambitious political films (denunciation of racism, corruption) by the American filmmaker Edward Cahn, who would go on to become a prolific author of Z-series movies.

Law and Order by Edward L. Cahn (1932, 1h20)
At the end of the nineteenth century. Johnson and three men arrive in Tombstone, Arizona. The city is controlled by thugs and lawlessness... The film recreates the legendary event of the gunfight of the O.K. Corral with Wyatt Earp, a landmark western. Also starring Walter Huston.
Institut Lumière Tue 11 at 2:30pm

Afraid To Talk / Merry-Go-Round by Edward L. Cahn (1932, 1h09)
Ed, hotel bellhop, denounces the perpetrator of murder, a gang leader. An innocent man who saw what he shouldn't have seen, widespread corruption: a film of pre-Code gangsters (before the Hays Motion Picture Production Code censorship), a violent and pessimistic work.
Institut Lumière Sun 9 at 10:15am

Laughter in Hell by Edward L. Cahn (1933, 1h10)
A man kills his wife and her lover, one of the Perkins brothers. Sentenced to prison, he discovers that his prison guard is Ed Perkins, another sibling... A powerful, political film, denouncing racist atrocities.
Institut Lumière Sat 15 at 12pm


Invitation à Bruno Coulais

History of film music in the French cinema by composer Bruno Coulais, writer of soundtracks for Benoît Jacquot, Anne Fontaine, Volker Schlöndorff or Jacques Perrin... Bertrand Tavernier's new film.

Master class
History of music of the French cinema by composer Bruno Coulais
Villa Lumière Sun 9 at 3:30pm

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