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Catherine Deneuve : Lumière award 2016

Repulsion by Roman Polanski (1965, 1h45)
Heartbeat by Alain Cavalier (La Chamade1968, 1h43)
Mississippi Mermaid by François Truffaut (La sirène du Mississippi1969, 2h03)
Donkey Skin by Jacques Demy (Peau d'âne,1970, 1h29)
Tristana by Luis Buñuel (1970, 1h40)
Hustle by Robert Aldrich (1975, 1h58)
Le Sauvage by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (1975, 1h43)
Hotel America by André Téchiné (Hôtel des Amériques1981, 1h33)
The Hunger by Tony Scott (1983, 1h36)
Strange Place for an Encounter by François Dupeyron (Drôle d’endroit pour une rencontre1988, 1h40)
Thieves by André Téchiné (Les Voleurs,1996, 1h57)
Place Vendôme by Nicole Garcia (1998, 1h57)
Night Wind by Philippe Garrel (Le Vent de la nuit1999, 1h35)

Catherine Deneuve present
The Women by George Cukor (1939, 2h13)
The River by Jean Renoir (1951, 1h39)
The Tales of Hoffmann by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (1951, 2h13)
Wild River by Elia Kazan (1960, 1h50)
Casino by Martin Scorsese (1995, 2h58)
Profils paysans : l'approche by Raymond Depardon (2001, 1h30)
Profils paysans : le quotidien by Raymond Depardon (2005, 1h21)
Modern Life by Raymond Depardon (2008, 1h28)

Master class
Master class by Catherine Deneuve


Marcel Carné

Nogent, Eldorado du dimanche (1929, 20min)
Bizarre, Bizarre (Drôle de drame, 1937, 1h34)
Port of Shadows (Le Quai des brumes1938, 1h31)
Hôtel du Nord (1938, 1h35)
Daybreak (Le Jour se lève1939, 1h33)
Les Visiteurs du soir (1942, 2h)
Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du paradis1945, 3h10)
Gates of the Night (Les Portes de la nuit1946, 1h52)
La Marie du port (1950, 1h35)
The Adultress (Thérèse Raquin1953, 1h42)
Youthful Sinners (Les Tricheurs,1958, 2h)
Three Rooms in Manhattan (Trois chambres à Manhattan,1965, 1h48)
Law Breakers (Les Assassins de l’ordre1971, 1h47)

Master class
Marcel Carné by Noël Herpe, Screening of Nogent, Eldorado du dimanche and clips from the making of Mouche,
the last- and unfinished - work by Marcel Carné.


Hollywood, la cité des femmes

Sylvia Sidney
Merrily We Go to Hell by Dorothy Arzner (1932, 1h18)

Miriam Hopkins
Design for Living by Ernst Lubitsch (1933, 1h31)

Myrna Loy
The Thin Man by W.S. Van Dyke (1934, 1h31)

Carole Lombard
Twentieth Century by Howard Hawks (1934, 1h31)
Hands across the Table by Mitchell Leisen (1935, 1h19)

Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell
The Women by George Cukor (1939, 2h13)

Lucille Ball, Maureen O'Hara
Dance, Girl, Dance by Dorothy Arzner (1940, 1h30)

Katharine Hepburn
Woman of the Year by George Stevens (1942, 1h54)

Joan Fontaine
Letter From an Unknown Woman by Max Ophuls (1948, 1h28)

Marlene Dietrich, Jean Arthur
A Foreign Affair by Billy Wilder (1948, 1h56)

Linda Darnell, Jeanne Crain
A Letter to Three Wives by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1949, 1h43)

Olivia de Havilland, Miriam Hopkins
The Heiress by William Wyler (1949, 1h55)

Anne Baxter, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe
All about Eve by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1950, 2h18)

Maureen O'Hara
The Quiet Man by John Ford (1952, 2h09)

Joan Crawford
Sudden Fear by David Miller (1952, 1h50)

Lana Turner
Imitation of Life by Douglas Sirk (1959, 2h05)


Buster Keaton, Part 1

Feature film
Our Hospitality by Buster Keaton and Jack Blystone (1923, 1h05)
Seven Chances by Buster Keaton (1925, 56min)
The General by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman (1926, 1h07)
Steamboat Bill Jr. by Buster Keaton and Charles Reisner (1928, 1h10)
The Cameraman by Buster Keaton and Edward Sedgwick (1928, 1h16)

Buster Keaton Program 1
One Week de Buster Keaton et Eddie Cline (1920, 25min)
Sherlock Jr. de Buster Keaton (1924, 45min)

Buster Keaton Program 2
The High Sign de Buster Keaton et Eddie Cline (1920, 20min)
The Paleface de Buster Keaton et Eddie Cline (1921, 20min)
The Play House de Buster Keaton et Eddie Cline (1923, 23min)
Cops de Buster Keaton et Eddie Cline (1922, 18min)


Quentin Tarantino : 1970

Double feature 1
Love Story by Arthur Hiller (1970, 1h39)
Deep End by Jerzy Skolimowski (1970, 1h40)

Double feature 2
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage by Dario Argento (L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo, 1970, 1h32)
The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun by Anatole Litvak (1970, 1h45)

Double feature 3
Claire's Knee by Eric Rohmer (1970, 1h45)
Le Boucher by Claude Chabrol (1970, 1h33)

Double feature 4
The Kremlin Letter by John Huston (1970, 1h40)
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes by Billy Wilder (1970, 2h05)

Other films
Five Easy Pieces by Bob Rafelson (1970, 1h38)
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls by Russ Meyer (1970, 1h49)
M.A.S.H by Robert Altman (1970, 1h56)
The Liberation of L.B. Jones by William Wyler (1970, 1h42)
Drive, he said by Jack Nicholson (1970, 1h35)
Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni (1970, 1h40)


Universal Monsters

Dracula by Tod Browning (1931, 1h25)
Frankenstein by James Whale (1931, 1h10)
The Mummy by Karl Freund (1932, 1h13)
The Invisible Man by James Whale (1933, 1h11)
The Bride of Frankenstein by James Whale (1935, 1h15)
Creature From the Black Lagoon 2D and 3D by Jack Arnold (1954, 1h19)


The unknown Italian : Antonio Pietrangeli

Empty Eyes by Antonio Pietrangeli (Il sole negli occhi, 1953, 1h38)
Phantom Lovers by Antonio Pietrangeli (Fantasmi a Roma, 1961, 1h45)
I Knew Her Well by Antonio Pietrangeli (Io la conoscevo bene, 1965, 1h37)


A permanent history of women filmmakers : Dorothy Arzner

Anybody's Woman by Dorothy Arzner (1930, 1h20)
Working Girls by Dorothy Arzner (1931, 1h20)
Merrily We Go to Hell by Dorothy Arzner (1932, 1h18)
Christopher Strong by Dorothy Arzner (1933, 1h18)
Craig's Wife by Dorothy Arzner (1936, 1h13)
The Bride Wore Red by Dorothy Arzner (1937, 1h43)
Dance, Girl, Dance by Dorothy Arzner (1940, 1h30)


Bertrand Tavernier presents

Journey Through French Cinema by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyage à travers le cinéma français2016, 3h12)

Revisiting Eddie Constantine
Headlines of Destruction by John Berry (Je suis un sentimental1955, 1h37)
Lucky Jo by Michel Deville (1964, 1h31)
Alphaville by Jean-Luc Godard (1965, 1h40)
Germany Year 90 Nine Zero by Jean-Luc Godard (Allemagne 90 neuf zéro1991, 1h02)

Edward L. Cahn
Law and Order by Edward L. Cahn (1932, 1h20)
Afraid To Talk/ Merry-Go-Round by Edward L. Cahn (1932, 1h09)
Laughter in Hell by Edward L. Cahn (1933, 1h10)

Invitation to Bruno Coulais

Master class
History of music of the French cinema by composer Bruno Coulais


Invitation to

Gong Li

The Story of Qiu Ju by Zhang Yimou (Qiu Ju da guan si, 1992, 1h40)
Farewell My Concubine by Chen Kaige (Bà wáng bié jī, 1993, 2h51)
To Live by Zhang Yimou (Huo zhe, 1994, 2h13)
Miami Vice by Michael Mann (Miami Vice, 2006, 2h14)
The Monkey King 2 3D by Pou-Soi Cheang (Xi you ji zhi: Sun Wukong san da Baigu Jing, 2016, 1h59)

Master class
Meeting with Gong Li

Walter Hill

Driver by Walter Hill (1978, 1h31)
The Warriors by Walter Hill (1979, 1h31)
The Long Riders by Walter Hill (1980, 1h39)
Southern Comfort by Walter Hill (1981, 1h46)
Deadwood (Season 1, Episode 1) by Walter Hill (2004, 1h01)

(re)Assignment by Walter Hill (2016, 1h35)

Walter Hill, le cow-boy by Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, Christophe d’Yvoire and Nicolas Marki (2015, 56min)

Master class
Meeting with Walter Hill

Park Chan-wook

JSA - Joint Security Area by Park Chan-wook (Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA, 2000, 1h50)
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance by Park Chan-wook (Boksuneun naui geot, 2002, 2h01)
Old Boy by Park Chan-wook (Oldeuboi, 2003, 2h)
Lady Vengeance by Park Chan-wook (Chinjeolhan geumjassi, 2005, 1h55)

The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook (Ah-ga-ssi, 2016, 2h24)

Master class
Meeting with Park Chan-wook

Jean-Loup Dabadie

César & Rosalie by Claude Sautet (1972, 1h51)
Le Sauvage de Jean-Paul Rappeneau (1975, 1h45)
Pardon Mon Affaire d’Yves Robert (Un éléphant ça trompe énormément1976, 1h50)

Master class
Meeting with Jean-Loup Dabadie

Gaspar Noé

Carne by Gaspar Noé (1991, 40min)
I Stand Alone
by Gaspar Noé (Seul contre tous1998, 1h33)
Irreversible by Gaspar Noé (Irréversible2002, 1h39)
Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé (2009, 2h41, Prohibited -16)
Love 3D by Gaspar Noé (2015, 2h15, Prohibited -18)

Master class
Meeting with Gaspar Noé


Back at Lumière…

Jerry Schatzberg

The Panic in Needle Park by Jerry Schatzberg (1971, 1h50)

Nicolas Winding Refn

Bleeder by Nicolas Winding Refn (1999, 1h38)


Sublime moment of silent film

The Inhuman Woman by Marcel L'Herbier (1924, 2h03)
Plus all the film of the Buster Keaton retrospective...


Epic screenings

Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean (1962, 3h47)
The Sound of Music by Robert Wise (1965, 2h55)
The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola (1972, 2h55)
We All Loved Each Other So Much by Ettore Scola (C’eravamo tanto amati, 1974, 2h04)
Manhattan by Woody Allen (1979, 1h36)
Heaven's Gate by Michael Cimino (1980, 3h36)
Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick (1987, 1h56)
Legends of the Fall by Edward Zwick (1994, 2h12)


Archival treasures

The Cinémathèque française : Song of the Heart by Mario Volpe (Onchoudet el-Fouad, 1932, 1h27)
Lobster Films : Le Dibbouk by Michał Waszyński (Dybuk, 1937, 1h48)
Cinémathèque suisse : The Last Chance by Leopold Lindtberg (Die letzte Chance, 1945, 1h51)
Centre national tchèque : Ikarie XB 1 by Jindrich Polák (1963, 1h28)
Cineteca de Bologna et Museo Nazionale del Cinema de Turin : Break-up, érotisme et ballons rouges by Marco Ferreri (L'uomo dei cinque palloni, 1965, 1h27)
Centre national tchèque : Intimate Lighting by Ivan Passer (Intimní osvetlení, 1965, 1h11)
Sidonis films : Time to Die by Arturo Ripstein (Tiempo de morir, 1966, 1h30)
National Digital Archive and Film Institute, Hongrie : Love by Károly Makk (Szerelem, 1971, 1h32)
Mosfilm, Russie : Zerograd by Karen Shakhnazarov (Gorod Zero, 1988, 1h43)


New restorations

I Accuse by Abel Gance (1938, 1h44)
The Baker's Wife by Marcel Pagnol (La Femme du boulanger, 1938, 2h13)
Sweet Smell of Success by Alexander Mackendrick (1957, 1h36)
Marie-Octobre / Secret Meeting by Julien Duvivier (1959, 1h30)
One-Eyed Jacks by Marlon Brando (One-Eyed Jacks, 1961, 2h24)
The Sleeping Car Murder by Costa-Gavras (1965, 1h32)
King of Hearts by Philippe de Broca (1966, 1h50)
Shock Troops by Costa-Gavras (1967, 1h55)
The Way of the Dragon by Bruce Lee (Meng long guo jiang, 1972, 1h40)
The Last Wave by Peter Weir (1977, 1h41)
Utu by Geoff Murphy (1984, 1h58)

Master class
Moral and ethical issues in film restoration by Gaumont, Eclair-division restoration and Diapason



Homage to Jim Harrison

Legends of the Fall by Edward Zwick (1994, 2h12)
Wolf by Mike Nichols (1994, 2h05)

Jim Harrison, entre chien et loup by Georges Luneau and Brice Matthieussent (1993, 1h24)
The Practice of the Wild by John J. Healey (2010, 53min)

Master class
Master class by Jim Harrison

Homage to Michael Cimino

Heaven’s Gate by Michael Cimino (1980, 3h36)

Homage to Abbas Kiarostami

Close-Up by Abbas Kiarostami (Nemaye Nazdik, 1991, 1h34)

Homage to Chantal Akerman

From the East by Chantal Akerman (1993, 1h55)

Discover Ralph Thomas

Deadlier than the Male by Ralph Thomas (1967, 1h41)

Master class
Ralph and Jeremy Thomas: British cinema

30 ans !

Jean de Florette by Claude Berri (1986, 2h)
Manon of the Spring by Claude Berri (Manon des sources, 1986, 2h)

Invitation to the Lodz Film School

Program of short films by various directors (1958-2016, 1h39)


Special screenings

The Young Pope (Episode 1 and 2) by Paolo Sorrentino (2016, 1h49)

Ciné-club Téléréma: special guest and surprise film


The all-Nighter Band of buddies

L'Aventure c'est l'aventure by Claude Lelouch (1972, 2h)
The Hangover by Todd Phillips (2009, 1h40)
French Fried Vacation 2 by Patrice Leconte (1979, 1h30)
My best Pals by Jean-Marie Poiré (1989, 1h50)


Lumière for kids

The Iron Giant by Brad Bird (1999, 1h26) VF
Plus all the film of the Buster Keaton retrospective, Donkey Skin by Jacques Demy and The Sound of Music by Robert Wise


Documentaries on the cinema

Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey by Sally Sussman (2015, 1h39)
Charles Pathé et Léon Gaumont - premiers géants du cinéma by Emmanuelle Nobécourt and Gaelle Royer (2016, 1h26)
Dragon Girls, les amazones pop asiatiques by Yves Montmayeur (2016, 53min)
Et la femme créa Hollywood by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (2016, 52min)
Jerry Lewis, clown rebelle by Gregory Monro (2016, 1h)
Sciuscià 70 by Mimmo Verdesca (2016, 59min)
Tod Browning : le jeu des illusions by Alain Mazars (2016, 1h)
Versus: the life and films of Ken Loach by Louise Osmond (2016, 1h33)

Documentaries related to the program
Jim Harrison, entre chien et loup by Georges Luneau and Brice Matthieussent (1993, 1h24)
The Practice of the Wild by John J. Healey (2010, 53min)
Walter Hill, le cow-boy by Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, Christophe d’Yvoire and Nicolas Marki (2015, 56min)

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